Established in 1989, our small company generally collaborates closely with a clients’ management team to plan and implement media-oriented public relations programs designed to

§        Market a specific product or service

§        Enhance the client’s corporate reputation

§        Communicate with the investment community

§        Deal with a corporate crisis

§        Stimulate debate and build consensus on public or industry issues 


Our primary area of specialty is the real estate industry, both residential and commercial, in the Chicago area.  Our experience in that industry dates back more than 30 years, and leading real estate media recognize us as a trusted source for information about our clients and the latest industry developments.


At the same time, we have worked successfully creating business-to-business communications programs for many types of firms, old and new, including Fortune 500 manufacturers, financial institutions, public agencies, retailers and individuals.  We also have considerable experience in the area of investor relations and regularly provide strategic and creative consulting to other public relations agencies and their clients.


Our Staff